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Land Rights Now

A rapidly growing community of people mobilized to secure indigenous and community landrights. We activate and engagethe public nationally and globally to call on governments andothers in power to take action.

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  • January 2019
Up to 2.5 billion women and men worldwide depend on indigenous and community lands to survive. These lands cover more than 50% of the world’s surface, yet just 10% are legally recognized as community‐owned.

– Land Rights Now

Oxfam, the International Land Coalition, the Rights and Resources Initiative, and many others launched the Land Rights Now campaign in March 2016. More than 800 organizations have endorsed the asks of the campaign alongside 60,000 individuals. It has an Advisory Board made up of prominent Indigenous Peoples and community representatives and individuals with expertise in the area of collective land rights.

Land Rights Now in Panama: tell president Varela to protect forests and recognise the land rights of the Naso Tjër Di