MobLab rebranding

Design guidelines/Branding

MobLab equips advocacy campaigners and their organisations to win in the networked age with transformative, nimble and participatory approaches to social change. MobLab trains, coaches and challenges changemakers and their organisations to build people power, deploy creative tactics, tackle root causes and adopt collaborative cultures. Why? Because these strategies are key to addressing the scale and complexity of the challenges we face today.

The Mobilisation Lab is a global learning and collaboration network powering the future of social change campaigns. We equip progressive movements and leaders to thrive in the digital, people‐powered era.

– MobLab

The Mobilisation Lab fills this gap by building connections between changemakers around the world. Through MobLab’s programs, campaigners collaborate, innovate, and learn from one another continuously—with greater speed and skill than ever before—harnessing their full power to succeed.

MobLab’s purpose is to keep changemakers in ongoing communication about “what works,” so that when campaigners achieve a breakthrough in one part of the world, the news spreads around the globe in a matter of hours

Let networking and civil society participation be the center of our strategy!